Composite vs Alloy Bats – Every thing you need in 2022

composite vs alloy bats

  Introduction – Composite and Alloy Bats There are various types of bats those are used in Baseball. There are Composite bats as well as Alloy Bat. However, both bats have significant difference in their performance and other essential factors. To understand it better, let’s take a look at Composite vs Alloy Bats – Everything … Read more

What Baseball position should I play in 2022?

What Baseball position should I play

When a youngster enters the Baseball game, the first question “What Baseball position should I play” comes to the player’s mind. Mostly young players see pitcher or shortstop as their future Baseball position but it depends on the players’ specific skills for any position. Strong arm, fast running, and judging the ball in the air … Read more

What Size Baseball Glove for 7 Year Old

What size baseball glove for 7 year-old

Using a comfortable baseball glove is vital for any player, so it’s important to know what size to wear. Having a tight or oversized glove can be uncomfortable and cause catching to be more difficult. Choosing the right size for kids adds an extra challenge as their hand sizes are changing from year to year. … Read more

What does DFA mean in Baseball? Expert Explanation in 2022

What does DFA mean in Baseball

Like every other sport, Baseball has its vocabulary. There are a lot of specific terms in the Baseball game. After knowing these terms, a person can claim to have some sort of knowledge about Baseball. One such term is DFA, it stands for “Designated for assignment”. Let’s dig out deeply to get the answer of … Read more

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats

Soccer Cleats vs Baseball Cleats

Baseball and soccer cleats look very similar but share their differences. There are many aspects of cleats, such as material, shape, functionality, studs, weight, ankle support, etc., that are important to note when observing cleats. Before comparing and contrasting the two types: Soccer cleats vs Baseball Cleats, let’s get into the descriptions of each of … Read more

What is ERA in Baseball?

What is ERA in baseball

In the Baseball game, ERA is known as Earned Run Average. With time, advancements in the evaluation criteria of accessing the performance of a baseball player came into the Baseball game. The criteria for the evaluation has been evolved. Let’s find out the answer to this Question: ‘What is ERA in baseball’ in detail. Pitchers … Read more