How many innings in baseball

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Regular play in professional baseball games lasts nine innings. There are three outs per inning and a total of 27 outs available to each team. If a game is tied after nine innings, extra innings are played to decide the winner. Even without the visiting team recording their 27th out, the game is over if the home team is ahead after that point. Let’s see more about “How many innings in baseball”.

What is an inning in baseball?


How many innings in baseball

A baseball inning is a period of time where both offence and defence have been utilised by both sides.

The home team plays offence at the bottom of the inning, while the visiting club does so in the top of the inning. Baseball has a regulation that the visiting team must always bat first (commit an offensive play).

How long is an inning in baseball?


So, in general, how long does a baseball inning last? The average MLB inning lasted roughly 20 and a half minutes in 2019. (20.56 to be precise). That is, if you take the length of a game as an average and divide it by the number of innings in a game, which comes out to 9.

Because there is no clock that measures the time from the first pitch to the last out in each inning, the exact length of a baseball inning may not be known. (At least, publically accessible clocks).

Pitching changes, play breaks, and breaks between innings are not taken into consideration when dividing the total game duration by the number of innings. It is feasible to reach an average inning time of 20 minutes; yet impossible to pinpoint the exact length of an inning of play.


Classification of innings

 1.Top of the inning

 The away club is at bat in the top of an inning. The host team pitches and defends against the visiting team in the top of each inning.

 2.Middle of the inning

How many innings in baseball

Both sides switch pitchers in the middle of the inning. For instance, the visiting team would enter the field to play defence and pitch after the home team had recorded three outs in the top of the first inning. The middle of an inning during an MLB game lasts two minutes and 25 seconds for locally televised games and two minutes and 45 seconds for nationally televised games. The middle of an inning is typically when players warm up by throwing the baseball about for


3.Bottom of the inning



The home team is currently at bat in the bottom of an inning. The fact that the home side gets to bat last, even in extra innings, gives them a tiny home-field advantage over the visiting club. In light of this, gaining a home-field advantage during the postseason is essential since it allows your team the opportunity to react to a shift in the lead or win the game in a walk-off.


4.The ninth inning in baseball

 The ninth inning in a baseball game is the last inning. The bottom of the ninth inning may not always be played or may stop before three outs are recorded. In the ninth inning, play will stop right away and the game is over if:

  • At the top of the ninth inning, the home team is in the lead.
  • At the end of the top half of the ninth inning, the home club is trailing or tied with the opposing team. However, after scoring enough runs to go in front, they earn three outs in the bottom of the ninth inning.
  • After three outs have been recorded in the bottom half of the ninth inning, the away club is in the lead.


 5.Baseball extra inning


The innings that are played after the first nine ordinary innings are referred to as “extra innings.” These unscheduled extra innings take place as a result of a tied game.

A game will continue until the home team takes the lead or the visiting club edged ahead without the home team tying the game or gaining the lead in response, as Major League Baseball has not established a maximum number of extra innings.

The MLB implemented a new regulation known as the “extra innings rule” for the 2020 campaign. This adjustment in the rules permitted each team to begin its “extra innings” with a runner on second base. Baseball clubs and fans have reacted differently to this move.

In the hopes that the team’s upcoming batter would be prepared to bring them in and end the game as soon as possible, this runner was placed on second base.


How many innings are needed for an MLB game?

How many innings in baseball

At the very least, the top of the fifth inning must be completed before a matchup qualifies as a game. The bottom of the fifth inning must be played for the game to be considered complete if the home club is behind at that time.

How many innings does high school baseball have?

Baseball games in high school last seven innings. The home club hits in the bottom of the inning while the visiting team hits in the top. The game proceeds into extra innings if there is a tie after seven innings.

Is there a time limit in professional baseball?

Now in this article of how many innings in baseball, let’s talk about is there a time limit in professional baseball? Professional baseball games have no set time limit, although the minor leagues are experimenting with a pitch clock to quicken the pace of play. You might see a time limit on throwing in the future because Minor League Baseball sometimes tests rule changes before applying them in Major League Baseball.



The length of games is not strictly governed by time constraints in either the main or minor leagues. To assist abbreviate games, however, the MLB has significantly altered the regulations affecting the tempo of play over the past five years. The NCAA has no time restrictions and strives to closely resemble the rules and regulations of the majors.

On the other side, high school ball opens up a whole new can of worms! As was previously said, the NFHS regulates the majority of high school athletics. Some high schools do have time limitations since the NFHS permits states to enact its own set of game-ending rules.

The major level of Little League Baseball should have a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes, while the junior and senior divisions should have a time limit of 2 hours.

How does extra innings work in major league baseball?

When a Major League Baseball game is deadlocked after nine innings of action, extra innings are played. New starting in the 2020 season automatically put a baserunner on second base who made the last out the previous inning. The purpose of putting a runner on second base is to hasten the end of the game.


Baseball extra innings used to function the same way as regular nine-inning games, with clubs having three outs per inning. Whichever team had more runs at the end of extra innings would win the contest. No automatic runner was placed on second base to hasten the end of the game in the MLB prior to the extra-inning regulation of 2021.


How does a baseball game end?

How many innings in baseball

Regulation games continue if not stopped early until the losing team has had an opportunity to make 27 outs (nine innings). The home team wins and does not have to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning if it is ahead after the visiting team has recorded three outs in the top of the ninth inning.

Is there a time limit in professional baseball games?

The length of a baseball game is not set in stone. However, a baseball game lasts more than three hours on average. Teams from the MLB will face off until a victor is declared.

How many innings were in the longest game of baseball?

The game that was called after 26 innings due to darkness was the longest game by innings in Major League history. The game ended with a tie score of 1 between the Robins (the Dodgers’ forerunners) and Braves. It just took three hours and fifty minutes to complete the episode.

Can baseball games end in the 7th inning?

4-2-2 The seventh inning, or any inning thereafter if extra innings are required, marks the end of the game when the team trailing in the score has finished its turn at bat. The game is over if the home club scores the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning or any extra inning.

Conclusion: how many innings in baseball?

A professional baseball game consists of nine innings of action. However, if it rains and the game still fulfils the basic requirements to be considered an official game, there are some circumstances in Major League Baseball when games may terminate before nine innings. Games in the MLB World Series and Playoffs are also nine innings long.

Little League games are six innings long, whereas high school baseball games only last seven. There are only seven innings in a softball game.

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