How much does a baseball weigh?

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This is quite a common question asked in quizzes related to Baseball, How much does a Baseball Weigh and its answer is between 142 to 149 grams and as far as Ounces are concerned, the figure is 5 to 5.25 ounces.

These balls are made from rubber core & cork and also very tightly wrapped yarn is involved in the making process. Two hard-fitted white leather pieces are sewn together for the making of these exceptional Baseballs.

Older Baseball weigh is a bit high as compared to the new Baseball, brand new ones weigh close to 5.2 ounces while a used Baseball weighs near 5.2 ounces. As time evolves there comes a lot of changes in the design of Baseball. Even in this modern era, making Baseballs involve the usage of bare hands to a great extent.


History of Baseball

For a better understanding of Baseball design, we must go back to Baseball’s evolving periods. The knowledge of the standardized manufacturing process of today’s era is also essential for comparison with the older processes. Since the initiation of this iconic game in the mid-1800s, the Baseball game has gone through some evolving periods like:

  • The Dead Ball Era
  • The Live Ball Era
  • World War II
  • Post World War II – Modern day


Dead Ball Era

In the early times of Baseball games, players used to make their Balls. Those balls were called dead balls because of their softness. Different Balls made from the hands of different players refer to the different pitching from each pitcher. The batters were quite frustrated in this situation as each ball was behaving differently. It became hard for them to hit correctly.

A pitcher named A.G.Splading made a Baseball with the use of a rubber core. The National league approved it to use in the official Baseball games. This historical effort of the pitcher ended the Dead ball era.

In the early years of the game, sometimes a single was used during the whole game. The ball was not changed until it fell apart. The more dirt on the ball, the more difficult for the hitters to hit the ball. That’s why the run rate was quite low from 1901-1910.

Dead Era baseball


Live Ball Era

The ending of the dead ball era gave birth to the Live Ball era. The rule of using a single ball for the whole game ended and the ball has to be replaced when it becomes dirty, soft, or soiled.

Spalding was involved in the live-ball era too in 1920. Australian Wool was introduced by Mr. Spalding, thus making it easier for the batters to hit the ball correctly.

During the live ball era, an increase in Hit and home runs was observed. Pitchers had a quite bad time in the live-ball era while batters enjoyed this era. During this era, the weight of the Ball was set at 3 1/8 ounces and the manufacturing process was standardized.


World War II

War affected the supply of rubber for Baseball as it was also needed for ammunition. During the times of World War II, cork was used in the manufacturing of Baseball. No rubber coating was there on the core, instead of rubber, there was a thing which was like rubber called “balata” was used.

There were a lot of changes in Baseball during this World War II time. Synthetic rubber production was quite high in 1944, so it was used in the manufacturing of Baseball at that time. Baseball was once again made as per the pre-war specifications.


Post World War II – Modern Day

There is not much change in Baseball design since World War II. Now, Baseball is made with the Rubber mixture and core of cork. During the periods of 1970s, horsehide cover was replaced with cowhide cover.

Now a professional official Baseball weighs 5 to 5.25 ounces. I am quite hopeful that the Question, “How much does a Baseball Weigh” is now answered to a great extent as we are talking about the modern era now. The rubber & cork core gets its wrapping in black rubber first and then red rubber.

Due to the modern design, home runs are now quite common. Now, we observe games having multiple home runs.


How much does a Baseball weigh in MLB?

MLB rulebook is quite specific in this regard. Its rule 3.01 description is that Baseball weight should not be less than 5 ounces and more than 5 ¼ ounces. It also states about the circumference, it should not be less than nine ounces and more than 9 ¼ ounces.

This rulebook also says that if a player is involved in altering the weight of the ball then the ball will be removed from the game and that player will be ejected from the game. That player will also be suspended for 10 more games.

Baseball fans often wonder how much does a baseball weigh. A typical baseball weighs between 5 and 5.25 oz, or 142 and 149 grams.

How much does a baseball weigh

How is a Baseball made?

A combination of multiple layers forms a Baseball including rubber, fabric, & cowhide. Firstly, the rubber is molded, then comes the wounded fiber around the rubber, and the cowhide is sewn into the perfect place. Ultimately, a perfect Baseball is a result.

Mainly, a Baseball is made of three parts naming round cushioned cork inside the ball, windings of wool, and Cowhide. Baseballs are produced on a large scale, around one million Baseballs are used in a single MLB season, and this is a huge number.


MLB baseball



Types of Baseballs

Some Baseball types are discussed below:

Ordinary Baseball

Mostly Baseball is played with this type of Ball. The layer of cement in the modern hard balls assists in holding the layer of cowhide with the yarn. As these Balls are quite bulky, so make sure they don’t hit you hard.


Rubber Baseball

Rubber Baseballs are not that much popular in America and also not often used in America. This was first seen in 1950 in Japan. In Japan, this type of Baseball is used in public sports games. As far as weight is concerned, these are in between the weight of hard Baseballs and Soft & light tennis balls.


Soft (compression) Baseball

If we talk about comparison with regular balls, then it is almost 93% lighter. The artificial leather covering is there in this type of Baseball rather than typical cowhide. For players who are just starting the game, this is quite a good option.


Various materials are used to make a perfectly balanced Baseball. Each material has its significance and the performance of the game is affected by the usage of every material. Materials that help to make a modern Baseball are:

  • Wool Yarn
  • Casings of Rubber
  • Rubber Cork
  • Stitching Threads
  • Cowhide

For quality assurance purposes, every material passes through different checkups before and after usage. These checkups reduce the risk of bad performance of the Ball.





Manufacturing Process

To reach a standardized Baseball weight, a professional manufacturing process is essential. It includes the following:

  • The core of the cork and Rubber are wrapped properly in rubber, first black then Red rubber.
  • When the casing of rubber goes to the Yarn, then with the usage of a revolving machine it encases the ball. The revolving machine is present in a controlled room to make sure that the ball radius is not affected by the yarn.
  • Wrapping of the yarn completes in three parts:
    1. Grey wool has 121 yards
    2. White wool has 45 yards
    3. Fine white cotton or wool having 150 yards
  • The attachment of cowhide to yarn is provided by the rubber cement. Rubber cement is also very critical for the appropriate Baseball weight. A tanning process turns the cowhide color to white.


Related FAQ to the Weigh of a Baseball


How much does a little league Baseball weigh?

A normal Baseball weighs 5 to 5 ¼ ounces for adult players as per the answer to the question right at the start of this article, “How much does a Baseball Weigh?” But for children, ages 8 & 9, MacGregor 74 Cal Ripken Baseball is used which is only 4.3 ounces.

This increases the safety level for young guns. For smaller kids, the Badan Level-5 safety ball can also be used. It has only 4.19 lbs weigh.

MLB Baseball Ball

How much does a weighted Baseball weigh?

Weighted Baseballs are normally used for enhancing the speed, improving the hitting capability of the batter, and for building arm strength. Some Weighed Baseball weighs around 6 ounces, slightly more than the weight of a normal Baseball. But its weight can be up to 12 ounces. Pitchers also take benefit from these Balls as these can also be used to increase the speed of the throw, and stability and it also may prove helpful in reducing the injury rate.


What is the Average life of a Baseball?

At the start of the game, a team must be provided with 90 Baseball for the game. But almost 60 to 70 balls are used by a team on average. This number can go up to 120. As far as statistics are concerned, six pitches are the average of a Baseball in MLB.


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