How to flare a baseball glove? (Update in 2022)

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How to flare a baseball glove?

Baseball gloves that are flared have shallow, flat pockets. A larger catching surface is produced. A flat pocket will not be preferred by the majority of baseball players. However, the infielders must move the ball more quickly. They require a flatter glove pocket as a result. The glove pocket must flare if you want it to be shallow and flat. We will go over how to flare a baseball glove in this article. This post will be crucial for you if you wish to know how to flare a baseball glove.


How to flare a baseball glove

1. Presetting your oven on heat

To ensure the temperature is consistent, you should preheat the oven before using it. Set the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit to begin preheating. After you’ve finished preheating, start working on the subsequent stage. This is a crucial phase in baseball glove flaring.

2. lubricating the glove

Choose your preferred oil, apply a thin layer on the glove, and then slowly start massaging it into the leather with light pressure. Be careful not to oversaturate it; to manage the amount and prevent getting it all over your hands, we suggest using a little sponge. However, confirm whether the manufacturer has any suggested oils. By applying the incorrect oil, you do not want to harm your glove.

3. Place the glove in the oven.

Placing the baseball glove in the oven is the third stage in the flaring process. Please place it on the oven’s rack and set the heat to the lowest setting. Apply high temperatures briefly and quickly. The glove shouldn’t be heated for longer than five minutes at once.

4. Examine your flexibility.

Take the glove out of the oven after it has heated up for five minutes to see if it is flexible. If you don’t think it’s flexible enough while you’re shaping it, put it back in the oven to flare a baseball glove for a few minutes, add heat, and then assess the flexibility. Apply heat for another minute if you still do not think it is flexible enough. Continue doing this until the glove can be adjusted.

5. Elongate the glove

Improve your pinky and thumb stalling so you can open a baseball glove. When you stretch it out, you will notice that it has become flexible once you have applied the proper quantity of heat. Stretch out the finger stalls till they fit your hand grip using your flexibility. Do this repeatedly until your particular preference is satisfied. While stretching it out, use just the correct amount of pressure. A stronger flare will result from increased pressure.

6. Constructing the pocket

You’ll need to make the pocket once you’re happy with the grip and the way the glove flared. You can take a baseball and place it in your glove’s pocket. Next, secure the pocket with a shoelace while still keeping the ball inside. Keep it for the next day to make the thumb and pinky finger shapes. This method will result in more distinct pockets. It’s crucial to have a baseball glove pocket when breaking in or flaring.

7. Repeat as necessary

The procedure I described above for flaring a baseball glove might need to be repeated more once. You can repeat the heat treatment if you discover that the flare is unsatisfactory. You might next try to obtain the desired flare by stretching out the glove once more. The task may occasionally require many days to complete.

How to flare the thumb on a baseball glove?

  • People frequently make the error of over-flaring the thumb when attempting to flare a glove. If you open up the baseball glove too much, it can lose its closure and become impossible to keep in your hand.
  • Put Baseball Glove on Hold – Hold the baseball glove with the pocket facing you and with one hand. Put two fingers from the opposite hand on either side of the thumb.
  • Now, gently bend your thumb until it is positioned so that it forms a 90-degree angle with the rest of your hand. Put on the glove once you have flared the thumb.
  • Once you have a firm hold of the glove, twist it in a clockwise direction using your dominant hand.

The different ways to flare a baseball glove

How to flare a baseball glove

There are a few different ways to flare a baseball glove.

  1. By turning it inside out – One method is to hold the glove with the fingers pointing up and the palm facing down. The top of the glove should now be pulled toward your body using your thumb and first two fingers. Holding a glove with the palm up and the fingers pointed down will also cause it to flare. In this instance, push the top of the glove away from your body using your thumb and first two fingers.


  1. Using your fingers to open it up, your thumb to push out the side of the glove, or both of your fingers and your thumb to open and shape the glove are all ways to create a flare.

Whichever method you select, make sure to practice frequently so that you can become accustomed to the movement and guarantee that the glove is properly flared.

Advantages of flaring a baseball glove

As an outfielder or infielder, you will benefit from flaring your baseball glove. It provides you with a shallow, flat pocket for the glove. The glove’s surface area grows as a result. As a result, there is more space to catch the ball.

The guys in the middle of the infield will benefit more from the baseball glove flare. Faster throws are necessary for infielders in the diamond area. They require a shorter transit time from glove to hand, thus. A flattened glove pocket guarantees faster transit. The double play also benefits the baseman.

There are pros and downsides to flattening the glove. Whether the glove should be flared or not depends on the player’s preferences and fielding stance. Therefore, when flaring the glove, consider your desire and field position. The glove must be broken in for your comfort, but how you flare it is entirely up to you.

What kind of oil is used to flare baseball gloves?

How to flare a baseball glove

Most glove conditioners have lanolin as their major component, but if you wish to forgo using additional cleaning agents when breaking in your glove, you can use pure lanolin oil instead. Most hardware stores and certain sporting goods retailers sell lanolin oil.

Most people use shaving cream, especially one that contains lanolin, but alternative options include Vaseline, saddle soap, mink oil, tanner’s glove oil, and oils made by glove makers. Apply your preferred lube to the glove, like shaving cream. Put a tiny bit of it on a soft, clean cloth, such as a dish towel.

 Why do you need to flare baseball gloves?

The webbing of the glove should spread out and take the shape of a basket when you catch the ball. The ball will remain in the glove and be cushioned by this. The ball may bounce out if your glove isn’t flared, and you might not be able to catch it.

You have a better chance of catching the ball if your glove is flared. When you catch a ball, the ball’s seams make a specific kind of contact with the webbing of your glove, which causes the ball to spin. More surface area for those seams to hit equals more spin on the ball, and more flare on your glove means more of that. The ball is less likely to bounce out of your glove when there is more spin. Flaring your glove creates more space in the pocket and a larger area for you to grab the ball.

Additionally, it’s critical to flare your gloves when you’re not playing to preserve them in good shape. As a result, the webbing won’t fray as easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to flare your glove?

It all depends on your particular desire to flare your glove. It doesn’t hurt the glove at all; just be careful not to use too much oil, too much heat, or a microwave.

It’s okay for infielders to flare their gloves to change how their finger’s stalls are gripped. With a flared glove, it can be simpler for your fingers to apply pressure to the baseball; in particular, easing the pinky finger stalls can be advantageous because they are quite useful while attempting to stop a ball.

How to flare a baseball glove

Should I flare my outfield glove?

Even though an outfielder doesn’t benefit from having a flared glove, there is no reason not to flare new gloves. The main reason an outfielder might decide to break in their glove is to get more comfortable.

What does flare a glove do?

A broader playing surface is produced by flaring your glove. This facilitates fielding the ball and speeds up the transfer from the glove to the throwing hand by allowing your fingers easier access to the ball while it is in the glove.

Conclusion – how to flare a baseball glove

Baseball gloves have been around for more than a century, and little has changed in terms of how players grip and use them. Baseball glove usage has seen one significant alteration, though: flaring. When a glove is flared, the fingers and thumb are extended apart to significantly expand the pocket’s size. You have greater room to catch the ball and can hold it with less difficulty as a result. While pitchers and infielders primarily employ this move, outfielders can also flare their gloves in appropriate circumstances.


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