How to tape a fungo bat – (Taping correctly fungo bats in 2023)  

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Baseball is undoubtedly one of the best sports that has ever existed. There aren’t many sports that can provide hundreds of games in a single season. If you’ve ever played baseball, you must know how exciting the sport is. The adrenaline rush you have as the baseball is swiftly approaching you as you walk up to the home plate while concentrating solely on the pitcher is beyond words.

You hear a loud crack and feel a powerful vibration at your bat just a few nanoseconds afterward. Whether you are a player, coach, or just a fan, you must be well acquainted with fungo bats. In this article, we will tell you how to tape a fungo bat, how to do it, and what are the benefits.


Why do you tape a fungo bat in baseball?

Taping the bat at the fat end by starting about an inch above the bat logo.Wrap carefully around the bat, keeping tape taut and moving the tape toward the end of the bat. If one layer is higher than the previous, you can just unwind, cut the tape, and restart the wrap

Mizuno Pro Fungo Bat

If you want your wood fungo bats (or your metal fungo bats)  to last longer, it is important to take care of it. As soon as your grip begins to wear out, make sure to replace it.

Although it only takes a few minutes, taping your bat is well worth the time and effort. It will increase the lifespan of your bat and guarantee a firm grip when you hit the ball.

So, if you have ever wondered who to tape your fungo bat to, check-out the step-by-step methods below.


How to tape a fungo bat barrel


Start a line of tape around the barrel about an inch above the bat’s trademark. Wrap the tape gradually, taking care to direct it toward the bat’s end. The tape should remain taut.

Any creases or sharp pattern changes result in soft patches in the tape, which have an impact on how the ball launches off the bat.

Complete the initial layer. Cut the tape at the end of the bat, approximately half an inch away. This first layer should completely enclose the hitting region. Tape your bat with at least two additional layers of tape. The grains won’t split if there are three or four layers, and the bat will still have some life in it.

Other steps towards a way to tape a fungo bat are as under.

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  • Choose the right tape: Choose the tape that you want to use. Select the color, and material, and also decide on the tape’s composition. When using the bat, think about using tapes that can absorb moisture to keep your hands from slipping. Electrical tape, grip tape, bat tape, and tennis tape are just a few of the available types.


  • Collecting the required materials: Another significant step in taping your fungo baseball bat is gathering the appropriate materials. If you or your family already have the supplies needed to tape your bat, there is no sense in going to the store to buy more. Look around your home to see if you already have scissors, a utility knife, sandpaper, electrical tape, and a magic marker.
    However, if you were unable to find the supplies within your home, you will have to buy or borrow them. Examine your spending plan to decide how to best get what you require.

How to tape a fungo bat

A versatile, pro-level maple hybrid fungo with great feel and durability designed for infield and outfield work

  • The use of sandpaper: If you are using a wooden bat, remove any remaining tape residue with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper. Make sure to sandpaper evenly and remove as little wood as you can.
    If you plan to use an aluminum bat, use a specialized residue remover like Goo Gone or CleanUp Batter. Pour a small amount of solvent onto a rag, then rub the area of your bat where you want to remove the residue. For this step, you can use latex gloves if you’d like.


  • Checking the rules: To find how high you can tape your bat, check your league’s rules. Some leagues have strict rules and breaking them could get you kicked out. Make a tiny mark on your bat where you want your tape to end using the magic marker. While some players favor 8 inches, others favor 12 inches. Decide what feels the most comfortable for you while holding the bat in the playing position.


  • Wrapping first and second layers of tape: Press the tape firmly to the bottom of your bat at a 45-degree angle, then start taping upwards.
    Although you can choose to wrap the tape at a different angle, many players find that a 45-degree angle makes it easier for them to grip the bat.
    As you wrap, leave a space between the tape that is roughly the same size as the tape. According to your preferences, wrap your bat for anywhere between 8 and 12 inches. Angle-cut tape’s end then fastens it to the bat.


Rawlings 35 Northern Ash Wood Fungo Baseball Bat


If you are curious about the name of this type of club, you can see the following article: Why is it called a fungo bat?

Is it always necessary to tape a fungo baseball bat  ?


Well, Fungo bats need to be taped to protect them because they are longer and thinner than other bats and can break more easily. The fungo bat which is prone to splitting at the wood grains will live longer thanks to the taping.

Start about an inch above the bat logo to tape the bat at the fat end. Wrap the bat carefully, pulling the tape taut and directing it toward the end of the bat. You can simply unwind the wrap, cut the tape, and start over if one layer is higher than the previous one. It is also necessary if you want to improve the grip on your bat.

How to tape a fungo bat

Image: How to tape a fungo bat



Tips for taping fungo bats

 If you are looking forward to taping your fungo bats, certain things must be kept in mind.


  • Before putting the first coat of polyurethane on your bat and after using the electric sander to sand it down, you can paint anything you want.
  • To make it easier for the screwdriver to fit through the opening, rub dish soap around the end cap.
  • End caps are tightly sealed into the bat and are not intended to be removed. Take your time and carefully work around the end cap’s edges until it pops out.
  • Umpires are permitted to check bats during official league play for tampering. One of the things they will check for is an end cap that is dented or chipped. Replace the end cap by inserting a fresh one. This will not only result in a tighter fit, but it will also save your bat from disqualification.
  • Start about an inch above the bat logo to tape the bat at the fat end. Wrap the bat carefully, pulling the tape taut and directing it toward the end of the bat. You can simply unwind, cut the tape, and restart the wrap if one layer is higher than the preceding one.
  • Nowadays, there are many shops that sell a wide selection of fungo and training bats for baseball. However, you should choose carefully for your fungo bat to it 

A series of fungo bats


  • Taking care of regular baseball bats as well as fungo bats can be risky. According to a Washington State University study, bats with modifications hit balls between two and eight miles per hour faster.
  • Never fix a bat that will be used in a fast-pitch softball or baseball game with a hammer and nails. This type of repair can transform a bat into a lethal weapon.
  • The only reason fungo bats are used is to hit softly thrown balls into the air. No amount of tape will be able to stop a bat from breaking when it is exposed to a thrown ball.


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Fungo bats are one of the best practicing tools in baseball. These bats are most commonly used by coaches to hit fly balls in fielding practice. The best fungo bats are much lighter than conventional game bats. It is simpler to hit more balls more frequently due to the lighter weight.

You can control the fungo bat with one hand while tossing the ball up with the other. However, if you want them to last longer, proper care must be ensured. When we are saying proper care, taping the bat is on top of the list. If you learn how to tape a fungo bat, you can expect better performance and longer life for your bat.

Once you are done with taping your fungo bat, it is time to put it to a test. Swing your bat like you are hitting a ball by initiating a motion with it. Consider bringing your bat to practice or asking a friend to throw balls your way if you want to test your bat in a realistic situation.

We hope that the article “How to tape a fungo bat” will help you to know more interesting details about the irregular bat.

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