What Baseball position should I play in 2022?

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When a youngster enters the Baseball game, the first question What Baseball position should I play comes to the player’s mind. Mostly young players see pitcher or shortstop as their future Baseball position but it depends on the players’ specific skills for any position. Strong arm, fast running, and judging the ball in the air are some of many skills that can also help decide the Baseball position for a player.

What Baseball position should I play?

Let’s learn some basics of Baseball positions. Nine positions are there on the Baseball diamond. Pitcher, Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Shortstop, Left field, center field, and Right field are the positions. What position is the best suit for you depends on the skill and interests you have.

How to Assess Your Skills to Help You Determine Your Positions?

Every position in Baseball needs some specific qualities in the players to perform it. For assessment of the skills, we must know the skills required for a specific position. It is the best way to check which skills are the best fit for you.




Overview about positions in baseball and necessary skills for every position

There are nine positions in the Baseball diamond game. Every position demands a certain set of skills from a player. Overview of all positions of a Baseball game are discussed in detail here:

Picher and necessary skills for pitching

For becoming a pitcher, a player should be able to throw Baseball with immense power as compared to young players of the same age. But with great velocity, accuracy should also be there. The combination of speed and accuracy is called “Control” in the pitching skills term.


Proper coaching and practice can make a player throw Baseball quite fast and also without much effort. Control can also be improved by learning proper throwing mechanics. A player should have good stamina if he dreams to become a pitcher.

Catcher and necessary skills for catcher player

Like pitchers, a catcher should have also an athletic throwing arm, so that with a strong throwing arm they can get rid of base stealers. The catcher also needs muscular legs.

Most importantly a catcher must be able to catch the ball pretty well. Although it seems quite easy it is not that easy, one has to practice hard to master this skill. A catching mitt is there to protect your catching hand as a catcher has to catch a limitless supply of pretty hard throw balls. Getting used to wearing the mitt during catching is also key to being a good catcher.

The observing power of a catcher should be quite sharp as he is involved in every single pitch and he has to see the whole field every time. A lot of stamina and strength are required to be able to become an amazingly good performing catcher, especially in the presence of warm conditions. Smartness and sharpness are also the key skills required for a catcher as they convey the instructions to the infielders.

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First base and necessary skills for playing first base

Catching the ball is the foremost skill for the First Base position. Quick reflexes are a must-have skill for a First Baseman. The first baseman should be able to master the short-hop skill as it is most needed by the First Baseman than any other player on the field. A short-hop refers to a throw that bounces just before reaching the First Baseman.

First Base

Proper fielding of ground balls is also the essential skill required for becoming a good First Baseman. Stretching out to get the ball during catching is also a key skill. Leadership quality should be in a First Baseman player as he is the key prospect who involves all his teammates in the game in the form of energizing the players via shouting.

Second base and necessary skills for playing second base

Fast running speed and impulsive reflexes are the key skills required for a second baseman. These skills will be needed for getting to line drives and ground balls.

Fearlessness should be in the Second Baseman as there is al of action involved at this position like fielding hard-hit ground balls. The concentration of a Second Baseman should be spot on.

Second Base

Third base and necessary skills for playing third base

This position is also known as the “hot corner”. It is that position where many balls hit hardest especially from the right-handed hitters. A good glove, fast reflexes, and good throwing arm are needed by a Three Baseman player.

Third Base

Confidence is the key skill that a Third Baseman must have in his skillset. As a lot of hard-hit balls at the hot corner, so Third Baseman should have enough confidence that he has a marvelous glove with which he can protect himself.

As the Third Baseman position involves more leaning, more diving, and more falling, so a Third Baseman should have good Balance to cater to these conditions.

Shortstop and necessary skills for playing shortstop

The answer of this question: What Baseball position should I play? for many people is either pitcher or Shortstop position, but this should not be the case. It should be deciding on the skillset of the player.


The most athletic player on the team is the best fit for this position. A player who wants to serve in this position should have a combination of fast foot speed, quickness, great fielding, and throwing skills. A shortstop player covers a lot of ground.

Game awareness is the critical skill needed for a good shortstop player as he has to cover a lot of ground and see where the base runners are, their speed, the number of outs there, which place to go if a runner steals and many more things to consider.

Left field and necessary skills for playing left field

Catching the ball in the air is the most important skill for a Left fielder. Throwing accuracy should be up to the mark, throwing speed can be compromised as the throw from left field to Third Base or the home plate is near as compared to throwing from the right field or Center field. The left fielder can afford to have a weaker throwing arm as compared to all other outfielders.

Balance and depth perception are the key skills that a Left fielder should have.


Center Field and necessary skills for playing center field

While playing in the Center field, a good glove is a must. Recording more outs, you have to catch more balls. The outfield in charge is a center fielder. A center fielder should be the first person to catch a fly ball if no other player is calling for the catch, so leadership quality should be in the Center field player.


Depth perception is also the key skill for a center fielder, as he has to measure the velocity in his mind. Learning of different hard or softballs look like coming from the bat is essential for a center fielder.

Right field and necessary skills for playing Right field

Right Fielder

Patience is the key aspect as far as the right field position is concerned, as there is quite less action in this position. So, being ready is the essential and tricky skill that a Right fielder should have.

Field awareness is a must-have skill for a good Right Fielder, as there are a lot of plays at the First Base, so a right fielder must be ready to back any throw that misses from the First Baseman.

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Final Thought

You have got the answer of What Baseball position should I play through this masterpiece of writing. Having a specific skill for any Baseball position naturally is a good thing but polishing it and mastering it is the main thing. It needs time and patience to master any skill, so just stick to the basics.

Look at your interest and your skillset to adopt any position in Baseball. Overall almost most of the positions need quick reflexes, sharpness, leadership, speed, fast throwing arm, and Balance. To develop these skills, practice and consult the coaches is important and then just boom the Baseball game with your passion and love.

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