What is the easiest position in baseball? And 3 good positions to play

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A lot of positions are there in the Baseball game. Every position has its demand for various skillsets and advantages. Some positions are difficult and demanding as compared to the other positions in Baseball and there is a lot of action involved. Some positions are easier as compared to the other positions and have less action. What is the Easiest position in Baseball question can arise in the mind of a Baseball player who comes into this game as a newbie.

A player has to earn the position by improving the capabilities required for a certain position. For this, one has to know what skills are required for a specific position and what skills he has in his skillset. All positions require a specific skill set but YES right side of the field like the First Base, Second, and Right Field gets fewer balls than the left side of the field.

What is the Easiest Position in a baseball game?

According to the Statistics and active involvement in the game, it is undoubtedly said that the right field is the quite easiest position to play in the Baseball game.

Right Fielder

This is because the number of balls hitting the Right field is less as compared to the other Baseball positions. But it does not mean that a right fielder should not be a skillful player, he must a skillful player similar to the center fielder or left fielder as he has to be ready for the action all the time.



Why is the Right Fielder the Easiest to play?

As per the normal observation outside of the Baseball game, there are almost 90% left-handers and 10% right-handers. In the Major leagues, there are 75% hitters and almost one quarter consists of right-handed hitters. Switch-hitting is also becoming very famous among hitters as many hitters switch their positions during the hitting.

Batters practice hard to become good switch hitters. When right-handed pitchers are in the action, the batters switch their position and gain an advantage over the pitcher by batting left-handed. Similarly, for left-handed pitchers, hitters switch their position to right-handed batting to get the benefit.

Why is Right Fielder easiest

It means, on average, almost three out of the four hits going to the outfield will go to the left-center or left field. This implies that involvement of the right field is quite minimal and this position is involved in a small percentage of plays as compared to other defensive positions.

But remember, for playing in any outfield position, a player must be very skillful. Although Right Fielder fields few hits, when the ball hits the Right field, the Right fielder should be as quick and accurate as any left fielder is. Throwing speed and throwing accuracy should be spot on when there is an opportunity.

There is quite less action at the Right Field Position. Less athleticism is required from a right fielder.


What Skills Do You Need to Become a Great Right Field?

Right field is easy but it is an important position at the same time. The right fielder is the guardian of the right side of the outfield. The Right fielder should be able to catch the fly ball in the air hit by the left-handed batters as they are 25% of the total hitters of Major League Baseball.

There can be occasions when switch hitters intentionally hit the ball to the right field when they feel that outfield players have assumed that the ball will go the left field or center field. So, a Right Fielder should be sharp enough to anticipate such circumstances and respond accordingly.

Like all other outfielders, a right fielder should also have a muscular arm. Also, the Right fielder must be able to throw the ball with accuracy. Many big names in Baseball have played in the right field position including Willie Mays and Babe Ruth.

The right field must be strong enough to cover a lot of ground. Right-field players must also be able enough to hit well. To be a successful Right Field player, a player should have perfect defensive as well as offensive skills. They are one of the most exciting players to watch in the game.

Other easy baseball positions that you should know

Like Right Field, there are also some other easy positions to play like First Base (1B), second Base (2B), and Third Base (3B). A player who wants to know, what is the Easiest Position in Baseball should know about these positions too.

First Base (1B)

Many people consider 1B is an easy baseball position, especially in MLB. The First Baseman needs less amount of quickness. Not much problem with less strength of the arm if you are plating for the First Base position.

Like the First Field position, less athleticism is involved at the First Base position as compared to other positions. Because most of the batters are right-handed, less amount of the balls hit the First Baseman.

First Base

First Baseman’s primary job is to catch the balls thrown by the other infield players. First Base is one of the key positions in Baseball. A better first baseman can help his team by getting on the base and making them proud with some good defensive plays.

Good First Baseman should have a strong ability to catch the fly as well as ground balls. Holding onto the ball is also the necessary skill that a sharp First Baseman must possess because it is very critical when catching the ball. Stretching skills should be of high quality for a First Base player. Footwork should be up to the mark.

Second Base (2B)

The second base position is also located on the right side of the Baseball diamond. It is one good position for a newbie to start. As compared to the Third baseman and Shortstop, the second baseman has to field fewer ground balls on the infield’s side. It does not mean that Second base is not a challenging position.

Second Base

Yes, it is one of the easiest positions but it is also very demanding at the same time as constant running is involved in this position. Quick reflexes and agility are the key skills that are required to become a successful Second Baseman as they help to get to the ball quickly.

Be in a good defensive position, so that you can make a good play on the ball. Staying low to the ground is the key, in this way a player can make good ground.

Always keep your head up, so that you can watch the ball timely and take the decision whether to catch it or leave it. Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners is one of the prominent names as far as the Second Base position is concerned.

Third Base (3B)

Third Base is included in the list of easiest positions to play because a third baseman is stationary most of the time in a game. Less running is involved in this position as compared to the other positions. But still better contact can be achieved as Third Baseman is closer to the ground.

Third Base

But there is very less room for error in the Third Base position as it is a simple position. Fielding drills practice must be the routine if one wants to excel in the Third Base position. Third Baseman should be able to hit well as they are sometimes called upon to hit in the key situation of the game.

Game awareness is also the key for this position as you have to see what is happening around you so that you can make a good decision when it matters the most. Every time a third Baseman fields a ground ball, he has to throw it with immense speed and with perfect accuracy. Third Baseman must have impulsive reflexes in his skillset.

What is the most physically demanding position in baseball?

Most Baseball players and fans agree that Catcher is the most physically demanding and tough position to play in Baseball. The catcher is involved in the whole game. It’s not only a physically demanding but also a mentally demanding position.

Baseball team

A catcher throws the ball to almost every player and the pitcher after every pitch. To prevent the runner from stealing the run, a catcher has to throw the ball to the First Baseman. Almost 200 catches have been caught by the catcher and sometimes more than 200. In reality, a catcher has time for relaxation.

A catcher must have to wear all the necessary protective equipment which causes a lot of pressure on the body. But he has to perform well despite being under immense body pressure. It is quite an uncomfortable scenario, especially in the summer season.

They have to scout for the complete game. During each minute, during each pitch, a catcher has to do this. Catchers are hit by the foul balls almost one to three times per game, sometimes it can hit on unprotected areas like fingers, toes, etc. So, a good catcher has to remain quite focused all the time.

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What is the most important defensive position in baseball?

Due to the active playing of the glove work, the pitcher is considered the most defensive position in the Baseball game. It is also one of the most challenging positions in baseball.


A pitcher is responsible for ensuring that hitters are not able to hit runs over the fence of the outfield. His responsibility is to stay ahead in the pitch count. A good pitcher always tries to strike out as many batters as he can.

The pitcher fields difficult balls and balls directly hit the pitcher. A good pitcher must be able to know which base position he should throw the ball to when there are runners on the base. A pitcher should be an excellent fielder as well as an extraordinary thrower.

Final Thoughts

After a comprehensive discussion about various aspects, we have found the answer of what is the Easiest position in Baseball and the answer is the Right field position.

Right Fielder is the easiest position as compared to all other positions as less physical stamina is required in it. There is less pressure on a right fielder, and Right Fielders also have a lot of space to run. For players who are not in good shape or the players who are just starting, it is a good option for them.

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