Why do baseball players wear mittens

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What is a baseball sliding mitt?

Based on a statement given by Rookie Road, sliding mitts are made from elastic lining the entire glove. They look very similar to a glove. The only difference between a mitt and a glove is that a mitt is much larger than a glove. Where gloves are designed to fit on your hand, mitts don’t have such a requirement.

The purpose of having a mitt is to allow the fast-coming baseball to stop without injuring the catcher’s hand. Other than this, the mitten also prevents base runners from sustaining any injuries on their hands during the head dive first. 

Why do baseball players wear mittens

Why do baseball players wear mittens?

A sliding mitt’s main objective is to prevent injuries to the catcher’s hands and fingers. For instance, the catcher may trap their fingers when they dive into second base while attempting to steal the ground, which could result in an injury. Bases can easily slide off during a slide in small league baseball, but they are firmly planted in professional leagues, which might lead to finger injuries.


Why do base runners wear a mitten?

Wearing a mitten or glove on your hand as a base runner can be a great help during your game. It can save you from having to deal with injuries that you might sustain during the game. 

It is available in a range of hues and patterns to match your style. The majority of retailers, both online and off, carry them, making it simple to pick the ideal size and color for your house. There are many options to pick from, so regardless of preferences, there is something for everyone.

It Aids in Your Safety

To keep their hands warm and guard against falls and trips, baserunners wear mittens. A base runner’s gloves will grip snow and ice better if the cloth is thicker.

As you run on ice surfaces or hills, make sure your gloves are snugly on your hands to prevent slipping. Keep an extra set of gloves in your vehicle or car. It is important in case you need them while working on the job.

Before re-putting your mitten, dry your glove fingers if they become damp from melting snow or rain.

It protects from harm

To avoid harm when handling the balls and spikes in baseball games, baserunners wear mittens. Your hands are shielded from cuts, bruises, and blisters by mittens.

The ball is shielded from damage while being handled or batted by the soft material on a base runner’s hand. By securing air between the player’s skin and the glove surface, gloves also help keep athletes cool during warm weather.

The ability to dodge balls while running through bases is a must for base runners.

It’s beneficial for several activities

A base runner is a type of glove that is used when working with hot objects or surfaces because it offers insulation, dexterity, and grip. The mitten shape shields your hands from oils and other pollutants while keeping them toasty when it’s cold outside.

Base runners are also beneficial for people who frequently carry large objects or perform other demanding duties. Make sure you measure the circumference of both of your hands before purchasing the gloves to ensure a correct fit.

Always keep a replacement set of base runners nearby in case they get soiled or disappear.

It is available in several sizes

To keep their hands warm and secure while navigating the base paths, base runners wear gloves. Because the mittens come in several sizes, they fit snugly, allowing them to travel across the surface quickly and effectively.

Your skin will be less likely to sustain cuts, scrapes, or blisters as a result of friction on the ball diamond floor if you wear gloves that are properly fitting. Never leave the house without a pair of gloves when you have to run a quick errand but it’s freezing outside.

Every little bit helps, so have your glove set close at hand in case you need to handle some business at home plate.

There are numerous options available

To keep their hands warm when running in the chilly weather, many runners wear mittens. When it comes to base runners, there are many various options to choose from, such as fingerless gloves and windbreakers.

Even when they are not jogging, some people choose to wear mittens to keep their hands warm. Not all runners require or desire base runners; others opt to warm their hands or feet instead with heating pads or belts.

Benefits of wearing oven mitts / sliding mitts

Here are some of the many benefits that baseball players enjoy from wearing sliding mitts:

  • Hand, thumb, finger, and wrist injuries can be avoided with the use of sliding mitts. One of baseball’s riskiest parts is baserunning. Many different hand injuries, including fractures, dislocations, sprains, bruising, and lacerations, can occur when sliding while stealing a base. The likelihood of an injury to the baserunner is decreased with sliding mitts. A baseball player should constantly aim to spend as little time as possible on the injured or disabled list.
  • The hands of a baseball player are shielded by sliding mitts. Major League Baseball players frequently wear metal spikes on their feet for increased traction, something many people might not be aware of. If baserunners manage to foot on one of these metal spikes while sliding, it hurts a lot.
  • The palm and back of the hand of the baserunner are further protected by metal rods in some styles of sliding mitts. Baserunners are therefore more confident while sliding headfirst into a base as a result.
  • The additional warmth sliding mitts can provide for a baseball player’s hands is another, less well-known advantage. Imagine playing a game in New York in early April or late October. This might not seem like a big advantage.

The material used to make baseball gloves

Baseball gloves are made from various materials, each offering its use and feel.

Synthetic leather: Without the need for “stretch” time, this kind of leather is simple to open and close. Children and teenagers can use it because the material is lightweight.

Soft leather: Basketball gloves produced from oil-treated soft leather are frequently chosen by adult or professional players. Due to the leather’s extreme softness, it will be easier for the player to catch the ball with a flexible and mobile hand.

Premium material: The best baseball glove leather, known as premium or pro series leather, provides great mobility, agility, durability, and comfort. The gloves will cinch into your hands as you put them on.


When do baseball players put the oven mitt on during a game?

Players in baseball and softball do not bat while wearing this mitt during a game. Instead, after reaching base via a hit or walk, players pick up this mitt from the coach while on the basepaths. They frequently store their batting gloves in their back pocket after removing the mitt.


Who was the first MLB player to wear a sliding glove?

Charlie Waitt, a first baseman and outfielder for St. Louis, wore a pair of flesh-colored gloves in 1875, marking the first known instance of a glove being used. As more players started utilizing various types of gloves, the practice of using gloves started to spread.



In conclusion, a baseball sliding mitt serves as a protective gear to shield a player’s hands and fingers from harm. In addition to preventing players from stomping on their hands with base, the oven mitt lowers the likelihood that your fingers will get jammed when you dive headfirst into a base. You’ll recognize it as protective gear the next time you see a player wearing it.

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